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How to Enable Edge Panel on Any Android Phone

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Enable edge screen edge panel android phone

The customization ability of Android surpasses any other mobile operating system on the planet, which makes it such a success in the mobile industry since the genesis of its existence till this present moment - the success that can be attributed to its open source nature.

The flexibility to tweak the OS further strengthens it usability, while the mammoth numbers of developers onboard provides a wide variety of choice when it comes to applications.

Today, we will be discussing about special apps that can enable edge screen (or edge panel as some calls it) on your Android phone. The word "edge screen" first became popular in 2015 when Samsung released the Galaxy S6 Edge, since then many other Android manufacturers have embraced this fancy edge panel and used it in their device.

The primary usefulness of edge screen or edge panel is that it enable users to directly access shortcuts, contacts, music, calendar, and other data on their screen. An user only needs to swipe left or right on the screen to access these panels.

Edge action edge panel screen
Edge Screen (apps panel)

Most of the phones released these days have curved screen, but not all of them have the edge screen enabled or pre-installed. Thankfully, there are lots of apps available that you can install to enable edge screen on your phone, but we will be limiting it to only two apps:

1. Edge Screen - Edge Gesture, Edge Action
2. Edge Screen S10 S10+ S8 Note8 S9 Note 9

As their naming implied, these apps let you activate edge screen/edge panel on your phone. They are fully customizable and users can enable or disable any features as they preferred.

Some of the widgets offered are Contact, Email, Calendar, Quick Settings, Browser, Music, Calculator, World Clock, Weather, Voice Recorder, Alarm Clock, and much more. The apps are free to install, but there are paid versions as well.

We especially like the "Edge Screen - Edge Gesture Edge Action" as it can be fully customized based on an user preference. The virtual and UI of each panel can be tuned as per user liking.

Users can also enable transparency, set custom background, add or remove app shortcuts, set the width and height, and do lots more. The interface is good and each setting can be managed right within the app.

We suggest you give these two apps a try and tell us what you think.

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