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[Android] How to Check Your Smartphone CPU Temperature

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Check Android Phone CPU Temperature

Temperature is one of the factors that need constant monitoring in any given environment. It is a medium by which we can know how hot or how cold a surface is. Heat above certain degrees can be disastrous in nature, but by knowing the temperature value of any given environment we can curtain the negative effects it may cause in the said environment. Today's smartphone are compact, extremely thin, and are mostly made of metal or glass - these properties makes them a target to heating, which if not controlled can cause environmental hazards.

So, today, we will be talking about how you can check the temperature of the CPU of your Android phone. You might ask, why will you want to do that? The thing is, monitoring the temperature of the processor of your Android device can be a pointer to know how effective your smartphone is working and can also be use to troubleshoot some problems that may likely occur. Throttling is one of the known issues of CPU overheating, but by checking the CPU temperature of your Android constantly, you can know how to tackle it and take precautionary measures.

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Although different measures are being applied by phone manufacturers to lessen the effect of heat generated by the CPU, it is not sufficiently enough when the device is undergoing an intensive task. There is no native means by which we can check the CPU temperature on Android, but there is an app you can install to check the data. The app is called "CPU Monitor".

CPU temperature tab

CPU temperature graph

With CPU Monitor, you can view all the details pertaining to the processor of your Android phone, including the CPU speed, CPU usage, and above all the CPU temperature. The data are in real-time and are also displayed in the notification bar (can be turned on under settings). The temperature unit is Celsius (°C) by default, but it can be changed to Fahrenheit (°F). One of the features of the app is overheating alarm, which alert an user when the CPU temperature of the phone exceed 45°C.

To get started, simply download CPU Monitor, install it, and launch it from the app drawer. The app is free.

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