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How to hide "add friend" button in your Facebook profile

Hide the add friend button Facebook

Most Facebook users are weary of having to accept or reject friend requests everyday whenever they logged into their Facebook account. If you are one of those users that cannot do without receiving multiple friend requests in a day or a week, and you want to limit the number of requests you get, then this tutorial is for you.

Today, I will be focusing on how you can hide the "add friend" button in your Facebook profile. This will restrict the type of people that can add you as friend and reduce the amount of friend requests you receive. Facebook by default allow any users to send friend request by providing "add friend" button in each user profile. When clicked, the user will be notified of the request and will be asked to accept or reject.

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By default, anyone can add you as friend because the "add friend" button will be visible to them when they view your profile or search your name, but you can hide this button and limit it to be visible to certain type of Facebook users. Simply follow the steps below to learn how:

Step 1

Go to and login with your username and password to sign in. You'll be lead to your homepage or newsfeed

Facebook newsfeed

Step 2

Scroll down to the bottom and click "Settings and Privacy"

Settings and privacy

Step 3

In the settings and privacy menu, locate "Privacy settings" and click on it

Privacy settings

Step 4

Under privacy settings, select "who can send you friend requests"

Who can send you friend request

Step 5

Two options will be presented:

  • Everyone - this is enabled by default and will allow anyone on Facebook to send you friend request. The "add friend" button will be visible to everyone that view your profile
  • Friends of friends - only the friends of the people you added as friends will be able to send you friend request. The "add friend" button will only be visible to friends of your added friends

Chose the second option to set it as default. That's all. Don't forget to share.

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