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[Android] How to manage your mobile data efficiently

Manage your data efficiently android

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, with iOS taking the second lead. This makes it such a big deal when it comes to today's mobile phone as nearly all phones boots it out-of-the-box. We have already talked about how to optimize Android to be faster. Today, we will show you how you can efficiently manage your mobile data when using your Android phone.

There are countless of apps that required mobile data to function; from social apps like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, to utility apps like Play Store and weather apps. It has become a necessity to subscribe for mobile data if we want to fully enjoy our Android phone. Most people use their phone to communicate and to educate themselves, while some use it as a tool to carry out specific task.

Being complex and flexible makes Android an ultimate tool in doing a lot of tasks, thanks to mammoth numbers of developers that support the platform. But there are still some areas that needs to be set right if you want to fully enjoy your mobile data without excess spending on data renewal.

The main culprit of excess consumption of mobile data is background apps - these are data consumed by apps running in the background when the phone is not in use or in standby. The amount of data used by background apps can be quite alarming if not checked. While some apps required data to be able to do what they were built to do, there are certain apps that can be hogging data unnecessarily without any specific purpose; bloatwares are common example of this.

If you are using WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Line, and other social apps, unchecked and unmanaged, they will incur lots of data usage, and that may lead to you spending more than necessary buying data. Google apps, especially the Play Store and Play Services, also use data when running in background. To minimize this excessive data use by background apps, the best way is to restrict the background data use of each app Thankfully, there is a way of doing this on Android.

First, check the amount of data used by each app to find the one that is consuming a lot of data when you are not using your phone by going to Settings -> Connectivity (or Wireless Connectivity or Connection depending on your phone) -> Data Usage -> Mobile Data Usage. Under mobile data usage you will see the list of apps and data consumed by each app within the last 30 days, simply locate the app that used the most data and disable the "Allow background data usage" option. Do likewise for each app that you noticed are using excessive amount of data in the background.

You can also monitor the amount of data used by your phone per day with an app called "Internet Speed Meter Lite". The app show the amount of data used per day (in Megabyte) in the last 30 days and you can also pinned it to the notification bar to keep track of your data use in real-time. There is also Digital Wellbeing, an app developed by Google and that comes pre-installed on Android 9.0 upward, which let users monitor their phone usage including data usage.

Triangle (now called Datally) is also an essential app if you want to enable firewall in preventing some apps from accessing the internet. Datally was also made by Google, but unlike Digital Wellbeing, it can be install on phones running Android 5.0 and above. Disabling "push notifications" in certain apps can also help reduce data use. All in all, make sure you check every options listed under the settings of apps installed in your phone and disable the ones you don't needed. It will greatly help if you learn to do so.

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