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How to change the color of each tile in Windows 10 start screen

Change the color of each tile in Windows 10 start screen

Windows 10 have its cons and pros depending on the preferences of each user, but one of the areas where it is lacking is customization. While Windows has greatly evolved in visuals (UI and UX) in the past few years, there are still element that need light touches to make sense out of some features, among which is the start menu tiles.

Although, Windows 10 do allow us to move, enlarge and resize the app tiles, it does not allow us to change their colors. The color of each tile in Windows 10 start screen cannot be changed to users liking because of the restrictions put in place.

However, there is a software that can enable you to change the colors to your preferred choice - the name of the software is "Windows Tile Color Changer". It allow us to customize the color of each tile easily with just few clicks. It does not need to be installed and can be carry around in a flash drive.

Windows tile color changer welcome screen

The Windows Tile Color Changer is in zip format. Once downloaded, you will need to extract its contents to a folder and then double-click the "Windows Tile Color Changer.exe" among the extracted files to open.

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The welcome screen tells all about the software, including what it does. To start customizing, click the "Change Color" tab among the top menu.

Change color

In the change color tab you can select the application you want to change its tile color from the drop-down box and then chose your preferred color in the color box.

There are eleven predefined colors to select from, including Red, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, Green, Blue, and Black. Windows 10 users are also provide the option to create their own colors using "color hex".

Note: Not all pre-installed Windows 10 applications are supported i.e OneDrive. However, it worked on all third-party app tiles.

You can reset the tile color to default by clicking the "Reset Defaults" button incase you change your mind. Windows Tile Color Changer works for both system apps and third-party apps on Windows 10. It is free to use.

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