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[Android] How to edit JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, HTML, XML, PHP, Python on-the-go

Editing scripts on android phone

Android is capable of doing many things, a privilege that is due to its open source nature, enabling its mammoth developers to build different apps for the use of Android phone users. Among what you can do with your Android smartphone is scripting, with tons apps available to chose from. However, not all of these script editing apps for Android provide necessary features for coding and editing.

Most text editors have script editing features that are limited in features, or that are depraved of certain features such as color coding, syntax highlighting and the likes. Web developers, app developers and other developers that coding is part of their job mostly relied on laptops or desktops and use software like Notepad++ and PSPad. But nowadays, scripting can be done on-the-go using our smartphone.

anWriter script editor android

Android apps that can be used for scripting and coding include DroidEdit, QEdit, AWD, Turbo Editor, 920 Text Editor, QuickEdit, anWriter HTML Editor, and many more. These apps are capable of editing HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, PHP, Python, C++ and more. My favourite among these apps is anWriter HTML Editor because of its flexibility and simple UI - it have copy/paste, search and replace, color syntax, line wrap, auto completion, and auto save.

Most of the text editors have both paid and free versions. The free versions have limited features and are ad enabled, while the pro versions have all the features you can expect. The anWriter Pro (costs $5), which is the one I use on my Android phone support tabs, this enables me to open two three or four different files in different tabs for sculpting. Moreover, it also support undo/redo and line numbering. The ability to open multiple source files in different tabs is one of its features I like most.

If you want to begin your coding career and you do not have a laptop or desktop, you can use your Android phone by downloading and installing any of the apps I previously mentioned. Most people learn coding on platforms like SoloLearn, CodeAcademy, YouTube just to mention few. You can practice what you have learn anywhere at anytime on your phone using anWriter or any of the apps. Happy coding.

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