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Can I permanently disable my Facebook activity log?

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Facebook user activity log

There is a record-keeping book in each Facebook user account that record all activities carried out when the user is using his account on a daily basis - Facebook called it "Activity Log". The moment a new Facebook account is created and is logged into, the activity log become active. It remain active until the user permanently disable the account or stopped using the account.

Activity log keep record of all activities performed by an user when using his Facebook account, such as when posting status updates, when liking other users posts, when commenting on other users posts, when a new friend is added, when an user tagged someone in his post, and lots more. It record every action an user performed when using his/her account.

There have been several controversy about the activity log regarding the privacy of Facebook users, whether all of the activities (or data) recorded are entirely private and available to only the user and not sync secretly to somewhere else where third-parties might lay hand on it. Imagine the thought of someone having the record of all things you do, all actions you performed since the day you were born. Imagine if that data fall into a wrong hand, isn't that scary?

Of course, Facebook made an assurance that the activity log is entirely private and is only visible to the user, but considering the blunders made by the social network giant in the past few years, the assurance is questionable. So, can Facebook users disable the activity log in their accounts? The answer is no. Facebook does not allow its users to disable the activity log in their profile.

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However, users are permitted to delete the logs or edit them as they please. You can delete each record in the activity log one at a time or even "select all" records and delete them at once. This can be done under "Manage Activity". For those who do not know how to access the activity log, simply follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Go to your profile by tapping your profile picture
  • Under your profile picture you will see the "Activity Log" tab, tap on it

As said, you can manage your activities within the activity log and make changes as you desire, but Facebook does not allow users to disable it. The only way to deactivate the activity log is to permanently disable your Facebook account - yep, that's the price you pay.

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