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How to test if both mics of your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge are working

Galaxy S7 mic hole beside the sim tray at the top
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To some of us out there, the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge still remain one of the champions when it comes to enjoying the overall experience that old flagships can offer. The camera, the processor, and the quality of the AMOLED screen are one of a kind. But to be honest, you are probably still holding on to it because you are either broke and cannot afford the current Samsung flagships, or you just love it for what it is. There are far better alternatives now, although with notches, punch-holes, a-holes and the likes.

I'm not here to gibber about how great it is because that's not what brought you here. You are probably sore right now and wondering if the mics of that precious little thing are still working. The Galaxy S7 have two microphones - the first mic is located at the top beside the SIM slot, while the second mic sit comfortably between the charging port and the speaker grill at the bottom. The secondary mic at the top is aimed to improve call quality and to reduce ambient noise during calls.

If for some reasons the mics of your Galaxy S7 stopped working and you are wondering what might be the cause, this tutorial will help narrow-down your suspicions about what is broken and what is not broken. For some reason, Samsung placed the mic at the top of the phone near to the SIM ejection hole. Most users have complained about miskenly inserting the SIM ejection tool into the mic hole and feared of damage.

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Also, there are instances where dust can clog the mics hole and muted the sound of the receiver. Using a voice recorder to record your own voice or making a call are some of the ways to detect if the mics are faulty or not, but to be entirely sure if the problem is hardware-related or software-related, you need to conduct the loopback test.

The loopback test let you test each of the mic on your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge to know if they are properly functioning.

This test can be done on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 as well.

Here is how to conduct the test:

Loopback test galaxy s7

Dial *#0283# on your Galaxy S7 to launch the loopback test as seen in the image above.

First mic test

To test the first mic, select "Start : RCV_1stMic" from the options. Position the mic at the top of the phone near to your mouth and speak to it, you should hear your voice feedback through the earpiece if the mic is working.

Second mic test

To test the second mic, select 'Start : SPK_2ndMic" from the options. Position the mic at the bottom of the phone to your mouth and speak to it, you should hear your voice feedback through the bottom-firing speaker if the mic is working.

When you have finished conducting the test, press the exit button.

If your voice feedback through the earpiece or speaker sound muted when speaking to the first mic or second mic, the mic hole might be clogged. Try to clean the dust. If you do not hear your voice feedback at all, it is likely that the mics are damaged and will required a technician to fix.

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