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What is "Tech In ABC" all about?

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This question literally does not help anyone, so we won't be disappointed if you find it irritating and just decided to hit the back button in your browser. However, we suggest you go through our other articles instead of going back as you may find something helpful. This article is to let people know what Tech In ABC ( is all about, what we do, and what we aim to do in the near future. It is to bring people into the true knowledge of what we are, and what we aim to achieve on the world wide web.

Tech In ABC was opened to the public on the 21st of May, 2020. It is a dream come true for the founder, Caleb Olayiwola, who has actively been following the tech industry for the past nine years. He started blogging in 2010 when he launch his first blog called CCN World Tech. He worked part time there till April 2014. In May 2014, he took it as a full time job. He has worked with several companies, including Jiji, Easeus, Gearbest,, and many others, who chose the platform to pitch contents about their products and services.

In 2018, the site was demoted when Google released the Broad Core Update in August 2018. The site lost over 70% of its organic traffic in one day. He strived to bring the traffic back all to no avail. In February 2020 he gave up by selling the site. Caleb's passion ever since he was young is tech. He devoted half of his life in learning, experimenting, exploring, and actively following the latest trend in the tech industry.

In late February 2020, he thought of starting a new adventure. He thought of venturing into a niche where he can share the knowledge he has gathered over the years; where he can share his experience with the young and the upcoming generations who are passionate about tech as he is when he was young. He also thought of helping the newbie tech consumers who have no experience when it comes to chosing the right gadgets for their needs.

With the ever-increasing insecurity plaguing the web and the social media, helping the normal internet and social network users in protecting themselves against hacking, click-baiting, phishing, and other form of attacks by sharing insights and preventive measures also become one of his priority. How people using social media can protect their privacy against evasion.

He thought it all out and decided to create a blog named "Tech In ABC", which simply means tutoring about tech in a simplified digestible format - as easy as abc, for readers to easily consume. We break things down so that even the less educated will understand what we are talking about. You won't find grammars and terminologies that will cause you headaches in our posts.

Our mission:

  • To let people know about tech devices in details
  • To reveal the pros and cons of each functionality of a tech device
  • To tutor people on how they can improve and secure their privacy on social media
  • To make people aware of the vulnerabilities in a tech device
  • To make people aware of the vulnerabilities on social media
  • To educate people on how they can improve the functionality of their tech devices

The aim is to be the source of information for amateur tech consumers and newbies that are just getting started. As time goes on, we plan to expand to include more categories that will be beneficial to our readers. In this long journey ahead of us, we implore our readers to buckle their sit belt as we'll be exploring tech altogether :-) sit tight.

About Tech In ABC

Tech In ABC is all about tutoring people about the gadgets they use and helping them to know more about their tech-enabled devices. Our aim is to be the source of information for amateur tech consumers and newbies that are just getting started. Learn more about Tech In ABC.

Disclaimer: Information provided on Tech In ABC were verified and were deemed to be accurate, but notwithstanding, they are subjected to be edited, rewritten, or modified at anytime.