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[Android] How to export playlists from JetAudio to PowerAmp and vice versa

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While there are hundreds of music player apps available in the Google Play Store, PowerAmp has been the favourite of Android users for many years, including myself. It is one of the most downloaded applications in the Play Store till date. The UI is perfect, and there are plethora of options available to improve the quality of audio.

JetAudio took a different approach to garner its fans - Its mantra is "simplicity". It is not as complex as PowerAmp (I'm talking about the v3), and it is trusted by both PCs and mobile users to deliver great sound. JetAudio for Android have four distinct settings that can be used to improve the sound quality of audio hushed out through the speakers: JetAudio Sound Effects, AM3D Audio Enhancer (my favourite), Bongiovi DPS, and Crystalizer.

Both are paid apps but they worth every penny. You'll find them installed in most Android users phone. However, I'm not here to talk about these music players and their features in details, so I will go straight to the topic. If you have a playlist saved in JetAudio on your Android phone and you want to export it or move it to PowerAmp, this tutorial is for you. In this tutorial, you will also learn how you can export (or move) your playlists from PowerAmp to JetAudio.

This tutorial is for:

  • Android users that want to export their playlists from JetAudio to PowerAmp
  • Android users that want to export their playlists from PowerAmp to JetAudio

The reasons why you may want to export your playlists:

  • If you are no longer interested in using JetAudio and you want to move your playlists before you uninstall it
  • If you are no longer interested in using PowerAmp and you want to move your playlists before you uninstall it

Let's proceed

Follow the steps below:

Step 1

JetAudio main screen

Launch JetAudio from the app drawer. In the main screen tap the back button to go to library.

Step 2

Library menu

In library, swipe right to open the menu then select "playlists" from the options.

Step 3

JetAudio Playlists

Here you'll see the list of playlists you have saved. Tap and hold the playlist that you want to export.

Step 4

Playlist options

Select "export" from the options.

Step 5

Export as

In the next screen, you'll be asked to rename the file. Also, you'll be shown the location where the playlist file will be stored in your phone storage. After renaming the file, tap the "save" button to export.

How to Import the Playlist File Exported from JetAudio to PowerAmp

Step 6

Poweramp main screen

Open PowerAmp from the app drawer. In the main screen, tap the menu button.

Step 7


Select "settings".

Step 8

Poweramp settings

In settings, select "library".

Step 9

Library settings

You'll see the Playlists Import/Export section in library settings. Under it are "Import System Library Playlists" and "Export PowerAmp Playlists". Select the first option.

Step 10

Import system library playlists

You'll be asked to confirm your action. Tap "import" to begin the process.

Step 11

Poweramp library

After the process is completed, go to library and select "playlists" to view the playlists you imported.

Step 12


And there it is. Tap on it to view the songs in the playlist.

Step 13

Playlist songs

In here, you can play the songs in the playlist by simply tapping them.

How to Export Playlists from PowerAmp to JetAudio

In Step 9, select the second option (Export PowerAmp Playlists) to export the playlists you saved in PowerAmp to your phone storage. Now, open JetAudio and go to library. In library, select "playlists" to go to the playlist folder (follow Step 1 to Step 3). At the top right corner, you will see the menu button (three dots), tap on it and select "import" from the options. Browse to the location where the playlist file you exported from PowerAmp is stored and tap the import button.

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