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[Windows 10] How to disable startup programs

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Startup programs are software applications that boots up alongside with Windows when turning on a laptop or desktop running Windows 10. These applications most of the time slow down the boot up time of the Windows and make the system sluggish during startup.

Essential softwares that run during startups include antivirus software, antimalware, synaptics, cc cleaner, and many more. It's critically important not to disable the startup part of some of these softwares as they can negatively affect the performance of the system.

For third-party software that do lesser jobs on our systems, we can disable the startup of these programs to speed up the boot up time of the PC. This is what I'll be showing you how to do this afternoon.

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It's very easy to disable startup programs that does not worth the extra boot time on major Windows 10 PCs. Simply follow the steps below.

Step 1

Windows desktop taskbar

On the desktop, right-click the taskbar and select task manager

Step 2

Startup programs

Select "Startup" from the menu. Click on the program you want to disable its startup and select "Disable" to turn it off

It's as simple as that. You can enable or turn it back on by clicking the "Enable" button down beneath startup programs.

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