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It is undoubtful that there are some tech related tutorials we may not have covered in the past. This happened because we have limited resources. It is somehow difficult for a small body like us to cover all tech tutorials and at the same time publish it for the enjoyment of you our readers, and that is why we are introducing a "Tip Us" page where you can directly contact us and suggest us any topic that may have passed through us.

You can suggest us any topic regarding these subjects:

  • Smartphones
  • Android, iOS, Windows and other operating system
  • Software's
  • PCs
  • Social Network related

We will appreciate it and promise not to invade your privacy or leak your identity (read our Privacy Policy). To tip us, simply fill the form below. Every message sent will be read and taken care of.

Credit will be given, that we can assure you. Please note that advert-like articles, biase news, and unrelated contents will not be accepted. For sponsored post/article, contact us directly.

It is all for the greater good, for you, for us and for everyone. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Information provided on Tech In ABC were verified and were deemed to be accurate, but notwithstanding, they are subjected to be edited, rewritten, or modified at anytime.